Indian Influence to Filipino Cuisine

The presence of Indians in the Philippines can be traced even before the written historic era of the country. Their influence in the lives of Filipinos dates way back to the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom, two centuries prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in particular. The 13th century Agusan Golden Tiara, a female deity of possible Hindu origin, is believed to be a relic of that empire and is now under the care of the curator in the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History since the 1920s.

 Here is my Indian-inspired version of Pork Curry.

Pork Curry

Pork Curry


1/4 Kilo pork sliced

2 cups coconut milk

4 medium potatoes peeled and quartered

3 tbsp curry power

1 medium carrots, diced

1 medium onion sliced

2 tbsp cooking oil

½ cup water

1 green bell pepper, cut into big triangles

1 red bell pepper, cut into big triangles

Garlic sliced

Ginger thinly sliced

Salt and Pepper

Scallions for garnish

On a pan, sauté ginger and garlic until golden brown then add onion. Add pork, season with salt and pepper. Stir until the meat is half done. Add water and a part of coconut milk. Cover and simmer for about 7 minutes. Add potatoes and carrots. Simmer until potatoes and carrots are cooked.  Add curry powder. Stir occasionally.  Add the remaining coconut milk. Bring to boil. Add the green and red peppers. Simmer for another minute. Add scallions and remove from heat. Serve hot. I refrained from frying the potatoes to lessen the fat since I am already using pork.

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