Sagada Adventure Travel Guide

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Please don’t blame it on the director. Blame it on the irresponsible travellers and tourists alike. Sagada has long been in hype for those who wanted to experience the beauty of Mountain Province way before a movie might have exarcebated the influx of people who wanted to have their “hugot” moments there.


Bamboo Rafting at Lake Pandin

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There was trepidation in the beginning whether to immediately plunge into the lake or maybe drench myself little by little. I was already enjoying just dipping my feet into the water at the edge of the bamboo raft while we were resting after a few minutes of pulling the rope (which is quite painful to the back) that would bring us to the other end of the lake.

Sagada Hanging Coffin

Who is Bomit-og of the Sagada Hanging Coffins?

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An imminent thunderstorm was about to spoil the mid-afternoon weather. Although the thick, gray clouds almost enveloped the blue sky, the sun peeped out from time to time. The intermittent drizzle was teasing everyone to take shelter; and the cold, soft-blowing cordillera breeze was reminiscent of a pine tree’s scent.

Mt Batolusong

Mt. Batolusong Weekend Getaway

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The medley of pleasant weather with scattered clouds and the constant blowing of the easterly winds were like a song sung on the summer days. “The hills are alive,” as Maria sings in the movie The Sound of Music. The idea of seeing them green before the sun could wither them was a perfect way to end February and to welcome the month of March.

Ambon-Ambon Falls
Adventures of a Foodie

Adventures of a Foodie

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It all started with Wok with Yan, a cooking show in the late ’80s starred by a Chinese chef, and another show by a Chinese lady in a white apron, who explains everything in Mandarin. I was in grade school at that time and cable television was non-existent so I have to deal with only three channels.